Monday, 22 July 2013

Chrissie Shrimpton

"I used to hear them whispering - 'Poor Chrissie, her boyfriend's so ugly!'"
- Chrissie Shrimpton

The younger sister of model, Jean Shrimpton, Chrissie dated Mick Jagger from 1963 - 1966, and claims the title of his first 'serious' girlfriend. Chrissie was in love with Mick and imagined they would be married and always live together - but unfortunately Mick had other ideas. Marianne Faithful turned his head in 1966 and soon Chrissie had been forgotten.

Legend has it that the Rolling Stones songs Under My Thumb, Play With Fire, Backstreet Girl, 19th Nervous Breakdown and Stupid Girl are about Chrissie Shrimpton.

"She purrs like a pussycat,
Then she turns 'round and hisses back.
She's the sickest thing in this world,
Look at that stupid girl." 

- Lyrics to Stupid Girl

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